Improving treatment with innovative technologies in the rehabilitation process

As part of the European project #HosmartAI, at IRCCS San Camillo hospital the new smart room for motor rehabilitation of patients with neurological impairments is ready. Thanks to the technologies and expertise provided by Vimar s.p.a., it was possible to adapt home automation solutions to a hospital context in order to monitor the training activities carried out by patients, guaranteeing their safety. The domotic devices have been installed from the Vimar View Wireless system, such as sensors, access control, and the newly developed presence and fall detection devices that will collect data on therapy sessions. All information will be available in a cloud interface to be easily monitored by physiotherapists. Thanks to these innovative technologies, a new organizational model will be introduced and studied in pilot 3 of HosmartAI project. Currently, the physiotherapist-patient ratio is 1:1, but the possibility of monitoring, even remotely, the activities carried out in the room will make it possible to treat more than one patient simultaneously in the four rehabilitation stations available in the smart room.

Pilot 3 aims to improve the number of patients’ access in the room, maintaining the same clinical outcome with the same amount of resources employed. The approach will be gradual, so as to fully understand the needs of patients, the possible target group and the characteristics necessary for the users to use the new service without difficulty.

Pilot 3 will further explore the utility of the iMAT (intelligent Motor Assessment Tests) mobile app in the rehabilitation process. Developed by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), the app uses camera-based body tracking to automatically estimate motor function parameters during 10 active motor assessment tests, designed by IRCCS. Over the course of the HosmartAI co-design process, the iMAT app has been updated with a revamped interface and improved user experience.

Pilot roll-out and patients’ enrollment has started in February 2023 in order to collect preliminary data.  The five patients enrolled all finished HosmartAI treatment, consisting in 15 sessions. No problems with rehabilitation devices and home-automatic sensors have been detected and good qualitative feedback was received from all patients. It’s a good starting point for the pilot!

The HosmartAI solution is particularly important given that the San Camillo hospital is located on the island of Lido di Venezia, in an area that is difficult to reach.

Patients and physiotherapists reported feeling comfortable in the new smart neuro-rehabilitation room

Screenshot of the i-Mat prototype, developed by AUTH in collaboration with the San Camillo IRCCS