Open Call #1 – INNOVATE Call for Tech is closed.

Stay tuned: Open Call #2 is coming in Q3 2022

In Open Call #1 HosmartAI was calling for innovative tech Startups/SMEs developing AI solutions, that can be implemented within the Healthcare sector. A total budget of €200,000 is available to support 4 startups/SMEs in the design, development and integration of their health-interoperable technologies into the HosmartAI’s platform.

Applicants could submit a proposal for solving a particular HosmartAI challenge, or for bringing new technology to be integrated in the HosmartAI platform.


Open Call Topics


Topic #1: AI- or data-based services for the healthcare sector enabled by the HosmartAI platform

SMEs were invited to submit a proposal to implement or adapt AI/data-based solutions on the HosmartAI platform – to be promoted through the HosmartAI Marketplace. Both proprietary and open-source developments were eligible.

Proposals should make interest from healthcare institutions plausible, preferably illustrated with a brief use case. The sustainability of the solution must be discussed, including maintenance and draft business model.


Topic #2: Creation of a HL7-FHIR de-identification and pseudonymization tool

This tool should consider all fields and combinations of fields that need to be replaced with non-PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data. It should also provide configurable levels of retaining the initial information and configurable options of pseudonymizing data that can be used for AI and data analytics.


Topic #3: Creation of a federated database system based on a popular open source FHIR Server implementation

A system that should allow the creation of a federated database with HL7-FHIR data, while avoiding ID collisions as much as possible. In case of collisions there should be a mechanism to still retrieve the information based on additional flags (request/response headers, extra response parameters, etc.).


Topic #4: Vector space map with 3D-5D interactive graphic interface

Develop a module/utility function that contains a multi-dimensional matrix with physical coordinates and other elemental properties.  Each element in the data model/vector space will contain container for x, y and z spatial coordinates, a time dimension, as well as several other properties. These include density, type of matter, temperature, voltage, conductivity, colour, value, and other possible properties which can be stateless and defined by the user as needed.


Topic #5: Data Parsing and Mapping Utility

An application or utility function that can translate various data types that need to be used by HosmartAI partners, classify them and convert into standards (hl7) that are readable by various applications and easily integratable to the HosmartAI ecosystem (a generalized data parsing utility for the HosmartAI ecosystem).

This data dictionary would first be established on a baseline from known relationships defined by users, but would learn over time using AI techniques, such as NLP. The library needs to be built in a generic format where various data elements and sets can be defined as input, then processed and converted into some form of a fixed-format, with AI methods used for a feedback or reinforced learning loop.

Detailed specifications on each topic can be found under section 2.3 (Topics) of the Guidelines for Applicants.

What’s in it for you

Equity-free funding Support services Access to the HosmartAI ecosystem Visibility and promotion 6-Month Mentorship programme

Get grants up to 50k. Payments will be done in three instalments based on concrete results, deliverables and review of each sprint. Access a range of services that will facilitate your Healthcare product development and its market roll-out.

Learn how to navigate your way through the HosmartAI INNOVATE programme.



Achieve major visibility, promotion and networking opportunities. Opportunity to join a mentorship programme.


Submission to the HosmartAI Open Call #1 – INNOVATE Call for Tech opened on the 8th of February 2022 and closed on the 8th of April 2022 (17.00 CET).

After the evaluation and contracting phases, the selected startups/SMEs will enter a 6-months programme, divided into three sprints: Design (sprint 1), Development (sprint 2) and Integration (sprint 3) of their AI technologies within the HosmartAI ecosystem.


Dates for the different phases are outlined below, but may be subject to change if any modifications in the project’s schedule occur.


Are you eligible?

The target audience of this call were Startups/SMEs, legally established in any of the following countries:

  • The Member States (MS) of the European Union (EU), including their outermost regions;
  • The Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) linked to the Member States;
  • H2020 associated countries(those which signed an agreement with the Union as identified in Article 7 of the Horizon 2020 Regulation): according to the updated list published by the EC.


The UK applicants are eligible under the conditions set by the EC for H2020 participation at the time of the deadline of the call.



Support Material and Application Kit


Annex 1: Annex 2: Annex 3.1: Annex 4: Annex 5:
Open Call text Guidelines for Applicants Description of Work* Applicant Declaration of Honour SME Declaration

*Make sure that your description of work strictly adheres to the official template, which defines the sections and the overall length.


If your proposal is successful, the following documents will be asked:

Annex 6 Annex 7
Bank Account Information Open Call Beneficiary Agreement*

*a subject to change

Still have questions?

Check this FAQs post to see if they have been already answered.