WP7 “Business Case Development, Marketing and Exploitation Activities”

WP7 aims at making use of the results of HosmartAI which, in other terms, means to identify technologies, services and any innovative achievement (including new products or prototypes) produced by the partnership that has an added value for the healthcare system and that can be further exploited at scientific, functional and commercial level. At the same time this WP will help the technical development team of the project to permanently keep an eye to what the digital healthcare market is asking for. 

Two out of the three planned tasks have been launched. The first one to start was “Innovation, IPR and licensing management” (Task 7.3), coordinated by Philips, which released the Innovation and IPR Management Plan in April 2021. On August 2021 Teraglobus Latvia initiated the “Exploitation Planning, implementation and monitoring” phase with a first session focused on a first analysis of the possible exploitable assets of the project (Task 7.1). A last task, coordinated by VIMAR, “Business Models Development and Go-to Market Strategy” (Task 7.2), will be launched in October 2021.  

Next steps on WP7:

  • First interaction round with all project partners to “shape” the list of possible exploitable results 
  • Opening of Task 7.2 (Business modelling)