WP6 “Dissemination, Communication and Ecosystem Building”

Work Package 6 runs under the title of “Dissemination, Communication and Ecosystem Building”. But there is more to it: WP6 is an encompassing Work Package, stretching from the communication strategy to Ecosystem Building, takes care of Standardization, designs and operationalizes the Data Strategy, administers Staff Certification and Training and – maybe most excitingly – runs two Open Calls. The plurality of the work naturally has it overlap with other Work Packages. The Standardization and Data Handling Tasks, for example, reach deep into the technical work of the HosmartAI project, while ecosystem building is close to the business case of Work package 7. Each task has a different timeline and very different challenges ahead.

For the first months of this project, we focused on designing a communication strategy and on building the face and brand of the project. Led by a highly competent team of the INTRAS foundation, the website launched and along with it an entire communication strategy whose rolling out and operationalization has started with the second half of 2021. This newsletter is a prime example of the excellent tools that have been set up in a short time.

Many other Tasks have kicked off in the meantime. Among them: The first design of the Data Management Strategy, Standardization efforts and preparations for ecosystem building. Especially the Data Management Handling has made important progress by defining a solid and trusted strategy. Coming up soon will be the exciting event of the first of two open calls. Interested? Then read on and stay tuned!