WP5 “Large-scale Pilot Demonstration and Evaluation is the core demonstration”

WP5 – Large-scale Pilot Demonstration and Evaluation is the core demonstration WP of HosmartAI. Its goal is to showcase how technological advances, designed under the umbrella of HosmartAI, are used in practice. More specifically:

  1. WP5 strictly defines the scope and the exact requirements per pilot, the current status and is expected to be achieved through the use of the HosmartAI framework
  2. WP5 organizes, deploys and operates the eight (8) pilots, which will demonstrate and validate the project’s concept and approach
  3. WP5 integrates and interconnects cross-pilot and SME offerings
  4. WP5 create Living Labs and evaluates the technological advance and provides feedback in the agile co-creation methodology

Thus far the goal of WP5 was to analyze pilots sites, refine the pilot stories and prepare the sites for first technology deployments. The main focus was on fine-tuning the outcomes and defining common standards regarding the timing, organization and implementation of the above-listed activities at the pilot sites, all well described in the study protocols. The study protocols will serve as a guidebook to all relevant stakeholders (i.e. IT, Clinicians and Nurses) involved. It will include details on all preparatory steps needed prior to deploying the pilots and commencing pilot operations, including:

  1. Objectives and Outcomes of each Pilot and cross-pilot Outcomes and how to measure them
  2. A detailed protocol structure of each pilot story, including the technical architecture, data flows and applicable scenario
  3. Organization info regarding  site visits and how stakeholders are engaged
  4. Training stakeholders and pilot participants