WP8 “Social, Ethical and Legal Issues”

WP8 – Social, Ethical and Legal Perspectives, or SELP for short, is a WP dedicated to address ethical, legal, or social issues.   The main goal is to ensure that all pilots are operated according to the recognized legal and ethical norms, and specifically, it deals with questions such as: What is the impact of using AI in the medical context on data protection/privacy?  What impact does Proposed AI Regulation have on HosmartAI?

To achieve the goal effectively and efficiently, its work is divided into four tasks/steps:

  1. T8.1: Navigates and identifies the key ethical and legal requirements, norms, or issues that are likely to be applicable or relevant to the HosmartAI project.
  2. T8.2: Reports and describes: (a) the development of the appropriate SELP framework for measurements of the applicable ethical and social principles, and (b) how HosmartAI project complies to those measurements.
  3. T8.3: Reports and documents the relevant SELP requirements and how they will be implemented in practice.
  4. T8.4: Aims to continuously monitor the impacts of HosmartAI on the requirements identified in the impact assessment, as the system is integrated, tested and evaluated, and reports SELP issues raised during the HosmartAI project.

So far, WP8 has conducted careful and comprehensive research on the ethical, legal, and social issues/norms/requirements that are likely to be applicable or relevant to the HosmartAI project (T8.1).  Additionally, it reported the development of the appropriate SELP framework for the applicable SELP issues and the overview of how the HosmartAI project complies with those issues (T8.2).

Next steps on WP8:

  • WP8 creates interactive questionnaire based on the contextual requirement identified in T8.2.
  • WP8 initiates and engages in two-way discussions between technical partners.
  • Based on the responses to the questionnaire, WP8 will create the Impact Assessment Report.
  • Technical partners will provide measurements to address the identified issues.