WP2 “Common AI, Benchmarking and Security Pillars”

WP2 – Common AI, Benchmarking and Security Pillars is a core technical multitargeted WP that aims to design and develop some key components of the HosmartAI platform. More specifically, WP2 fosters simple, yet efficient, design and development of:  

  1. Common Data Model and Semantic Interoperability Framework, that will provide a common language and facilitate pipelining and information flow amongst the various and heterogeneous components, 
  2. Common AI tools and mechanisms, that will support, among others, the implementation of AI algorithms and methods, data analytics and distributed data analysis, 
  3. HosmartAI Benchmarking tool, that will enable effective and efficient evaluation of the performance and assessment of the impact of the deployed applications, targeted to healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders, 
  4. Data Security and Privacy Framework, that provide tools, mechanisms and services that will ensure data security, privacy-by-design and traceability, and   
  5. Blockchain technology, for pilots that data integrity, communication and trust is of great importance.  

So far, extensive and systematic analysis of the state-of-the-art, along with related standards, regulations etc., has taken place, forming a stepping-stone to design the first version of the aforementioned components, taking also into account the user and system requirements. Additionally, preliminary work towards the development of Common Data Model, Common AI tools and the HosmartAI Benchmarking tool has been concluding 

Next steps on WP2:
  • Development of the first version of Common Data Model and Semantic Interoperability Framework 
  • Development and testing of the first version of Common AI tools and mechanisms 
  • Development of the first version of HosmartAI Benchmarking Framework 
  • Development of the first set of data security and privacy-related services 
  • Development of the first version of blockchain technology for specific pilots.