WP1 “Requirements, Specifications and Reference Architecture”

Co-creation with stakeholders and citizens is the only way to develop a viable healthcare system accepted by end-users under a patient-centred care delivery perspective.

Therefore, our WP1 “Requirements, Specifications and Reference Architecture” have this commitment of achieving a strong and accessible user-centred approach with the application of participatory research methods throughout the Project’s lifetime. These methods are part of a hybrid participatory methodology based on design thinking, agile/scrum development and lean start-up methodology that in combination give us a flexible frame and widely collaborative flow.

Aiming this acceptance by end-users, WP1 team begun with a thorough state-of-the-art study on existing Healthcare procedures and on Innovative AI-based and robotics solutions, identifying the main stakeholders of the HosmartAI platform and the specification of the demonstration scenarios. In the previous months, the team has identified a first version of the functional and non-functional user requirements, and also, the KPIs on performance and acceptability have been identified.

To obtain the user requirements and transform them into an adequate and optimized development plan for the different expected solutions that the HosmartAI consortium is developing, the team will perform a number of sprints with stakeholders’ involvement.

The first sprint already started planning co-design activities different interested parts. This October the health field partners will conduct a set of sessions helping to empathize with the final beneficiaries of the solutions under development and to refine user requirements. This approach enables the team to initiate the path for developing not just viable products but ones that can be widely accepted counting with participating real users as main ambassadors of the results.

Next steps on WP1:
  • Identify the user requirements framework and translate them in technical requirements, that will guide the definition and development of the HosmartAI Platform.
  • Plan and implement the co-creation sessions in the 1st sprint.

The requirements will be continuously updated with end-users and other stakeholders’ reviews throughout the project.