WP3 “AI-based Solutions and Autonomous Smart Components”

Work Package 3 of the HosmartAI project has just kicked off in September ’21. It is focused on the development of the AI based solution and smart components that will provide the tools and technologies to be integrated within the HosmartAI architecture. These tools and components will also be deployed in the 8 pilots that are being designed. These include Computer Aided Detection Platforms for clinical scenarios, Tools to improve logistics in radiotherapy services, a Framework for effective rehabilitation and therapy protocols, Surgical Support Tools, Empathic User Interfaces for assistive care, and a Digital Health Platform to support personalized health care.

The release of these solutions and components that will be designed and developed is structured in three main milestones: the design of the solutions and components, an initial release to be tested within the pilots, and a final version that will enhance them based on the feedback and results from the pilots.

Currently, partners contributing to Work Package 3 are working on detailed work plans for each task, as well as on analyzing the technical requirements that will be used as design constraints for their components and solutions.