HosmartAI project continues with the work involving a large network of collaboration outside the consortium under the premise that co-construction with stakeholders and citizens is the only way to develop a viable healthcare system accepted by end-users (patient-centred care delivery perspective).

To this end, after two successful cycles of co-creation, HosmartAI (numbers extracted from the dedicated excel for the stakeholders involved within the sprints) brought together 24 patients, 2 caregivers, 100 clinicians and other 17 healthcare professionals, 1 healthcare service manager, 5 healthcare administration staff and 70 researchers. This was accomplished in a total of 27 participatory design iterations where collaborators were able to share their perceptions, expectations and feedback to bring together solutions that are both scientific and practical to the end-user both parties.

These first two sprints focused on the 8 lighthouse pilots that serve as demonstration scenarios of the Business Cases potential of the HOSMARTAI Hub for integration and deployment of the AI-enabled solutions, in medical diagnosis, surgical interventions, prevention and treatment of diseases, and support for rehabilitation and long-term care in several Hospital and care settings.

Cross-sectoral communication for planning, co-creating, and examining results have been of extreme importance for the pilots’ clusters that rely on the feedback from the different rounds of co-creation with stakeholders and citizens to prioritize, plan developments and the full process of creating or refining service delivery processes. Focus on stakeholders’ expectations, real-world requirements, and motivations for user acceptance, usefulness and the expected optimization is the base for creating value by co-designing the envisioned solutions with participants of the value chain, especially with users.

Now, the consortium continues with the third cycle of co-creation refining and including the first testing of the available parts of the 8 lighthouse pilot solutions.