HosmartAI has reached another important milestone: all the partners joined efforts and contributed to developing the first version of the Exploitation plan, which compiles the plans and projections on exploitation paths of exploitable results.

The work was carried out through a partner survey to discover their vision on the exploitation paths and valorisation of the most promising technologies during and after the project’s end. Conversations regarding exploitation were started, and new systems and products will be introduced to the market during the next several years.

As evidenced during the collaborative work, the HosmartAI Consortium has the knowledge and technology value for tackling the ambitious goal of realising the HosmartAI infrastructure for its proper and wide exploitation.

Each partner has their exploitation plan. For instance, the academic partners exploit the project by offering courses and seminars related to the HosmartAI topic. They reach and attract students and other researchers, thus helping to build a community around HosmartAI.

The universities offer the HosmartAI-related topics for graduate students to write their theses on and employ PhD students who also work on these topics. Through their combined research efforts, the universities provide theoretical background and develop state-of-the-art technologies that are based on and hence contribute to the success of HosmartAI.

The project’s commercial partners have committed a substantial amount of integration effort in the respective work packages aiming to bring the benefits of the HosmartAI platform to their user base.

Individual exploitation plans for each industrial partner will be matured along the project. They will use the Business Model Canvas by the end of the project to find the best and most appropriate commercialisation path.

As the HosmartAI project is halfway through and the most tangible results will be achieved during the following years, exploitation activities must increase. Therefore, as concluded, the consortium partners will actively assist in exploiting and disseminating the results in the future.