Pilots have just started the first deployment of HosmartAI technologies. HosmartAI platform and tools to support hospitals and clinicians in the future will now be tested in 8-real-environments for the first time.

Pilots 1 and 8 will evaluate first AI tools to improve clinical diagnosis. Pilot 2 will showcase and evaluate the revolution in logistics and scheduling. Pilots 4 and 7 will evaluate innovation in surgical support. Pilot 3 will evaluate first release of tools for more patient-centric treatment. Finally, pilots 5 and 6 will evaluate if revolutionary humanoid robotic nurses are ready to personalize and improve care. 

As some examples of the development of pilots and the use of the HosmartAI platform, we can see as general examples of use of the platform the following:

  • The FHIR server is used for sending anonymized data and its subsequent analysis.
  • HosmartAI platform to host the algorithms, web pages and BackEnd, due to the high installation restrictions on hospital servers. 
  • Benchmarking for the analysis of the follow-up and the improvements of the proposed scheduler. 

In conclusion, it allows the HosmartAI platform to be exported to any hospital using the same architecture with small modifications that will be made if necessary.

On the other hand, we find the development and pilot status of Pilot 3 in the activity that has been carried-out between VIMAR and the Hospital IRCCS: “VIMAR and IRCCS ready to test home automation solutions in a hospital environment.

VIMAR and IRCCS ready to test home automation solutions in an hospital environment

As part of the European project #HoSmartAI, the San Camillo IRCCS Rehabilitation Technologies Laboratory in Venice is collaborating with Vimar Spa in order to improve the #Rehabilitation activity carried out at the San Camillo Hospital. More specifically, the aim is to achieve this objective by using home automation solutions, in this precise context applied to a hospital environment instead of a domestic one.

Vimar provided the San Camillo Hospital with its products and smart devices from the View Wireless system. Sensors, access control, and presence detection systems are helping to monitor hospital patients, guaranteeing their safety. Data collected from the smart devices have been integrated with the informations related to the patients’ management and physiotherapy sessions. HosmartAI project aims to contribute to the introduction of AI solutions in hospitals, developing platforms to collect and analyze data. The new technologies provide powerful tools to boost performances and strategic activities planning, not only in clinical, chirurgical, therapeutic, rehabilitation environments but also for management and logistic.

The final goal is to give physiotherapists the ability to automatically manage systems and devices inside the room, in order to customize and improve the patient’s hospitalization experience in complete safety.

The inauguration of the service is getting closer and closer, as the installation of the innovative technologies has been completed, and the prototype of the new Rehabilitation Technologies Laboratory is now ready to be tested by physiotherapists and patients. An important aspect will be the continuous improvement of the solution thanks to the use of co-design methodologies.

The representatives of Vimar and San Camillo IRCCS share the same vision: the active involvement of patients allows them to always have their needs as a reference, which is certainly the key element for the success of the project.