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Video: Meet VoiceAI pilot

VoiceAI project was one of the four winners selected for HosmartAI, via Open Call #2: They proposed a Prediction of Major Depressive Disorder using Vocal Biomarkers

After successfully passing the two first phases of the programme – Design phase, followed by the Develop & Deploy & Operate phase – they are now on the final stage – Assess. And they have been reaching great achievements!


Approximately 80% of individuals with chronic conditions are believed to encounter mental health challenges, yet a significant portion of them remains undiagnosed and untreated. Surprisingly, only one out of three physicians consistently monitors the mental well-being of their patients. The insufficient availability of effective mental health tools for caregivers contributes to this challenge.


VoiceAI aims to contribute to solving this problem. VoiceAI employs cutting-edge AI technology to identify indications of depression and other mental health conditions by analysing the human voice. By utilizing this advanced vocal biomarkers technology, healthcare providers gain insights into what patients may not explicitly communicate. The system assesses various aspects of speech, including pitch, tone, and pauses, to identify potential signs of mental health conditions. VoiceAI empowers caregivers to actively monitor their patients’ mental well-being in real-time or asynchronously. Its adaptability allows customization for specific use cases and patient populations, ensuring a precise, objective, and non-intrusive evaluation of a patient’s mental health.

Pilot video

Check out the video developed by this team, with more details about their innovation, feedback from its users and the expected results and benefits.