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Video: Meet SICS pilot

SICS project was one of the four winners selected for HosmartAI, via Open Call #2: They proposed a Smart Intraoperative Clinical Surveillance.

After successfully passing the two first phases of the programme – Design phase, followed by the Develop & Deploy & Operate phase – they are now on the final stage – Assess. And they have been reaching great achievements!


The pilot aims to address the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in perioperative care, specifically the difficulty in real-time monitoring and predicting intraoperative complications such as hypotension. These challenges lead to increased patient risk, longer hospital stays, and higher healthcare costs. Current systems lack the predictive capabilities and integrated approach needed for early intervention, which significantly impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of surgical care.


The SICS platform, deployed in this pilot, is an AI-driven Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) designed to predict and prevent intraoperative complications such as hypotension. By integrating real-time patient data from multiple sources like anaesthesia monitors and EHR, it provides healthcare professionals with predictive insights through an AI-based risk score. This not only enhances patient safety but also empowers clinicians with data-driven decision-making tools. The platform’s ability to predict complications like hypotension before they occur allows for proactive patient care, reducing the likelihood of adverse events and improving overall surgical outcomes.

Pilot video

Check out the video developed by this team, with more details about their innovation, feedback from its users and the expected results and benefits.