Open Call 1 results are out: meet the technologies selected to be part of HosmartAI – “Hospital Smart development based on AI

Healthcare systems throughout the world are endeavouring to rise to the challenges that result from an ageing population, the growth in chronic diseases, appearance of new viruses, burgeoning technical possibilities and public expectation. Coping with such elements is expected to result in an increase in the budget spent on health. This increase will require countries to either allocate additional funds or try to decrease the actual cost through better management of the resources.

The HosmartAI aims to contribute to solving this issue, through the development of a common open Integration Platform with the necessary tools to facilitate and measure the benefits of integrating digital technologies (robotics and AI) in the healthcare system.

From the 8th of February to the 8th of April 2022, HosmartAI has looked to enlarge a pool of health-interoperable technologies, by launching an OpenCall for innovative tech Startups/SMEs developing technology components usable in AI-powered healthcare solutions.

Startups/SMEs could apply to solve particular HosmartAI challenges, or bring new technology to be integrated into the HosmartAI platform.

And the selected projects are…

A total of 43 applications were submitted, coming from innovative startups/SMEs based in 18 different countries. A panel of 9 external experts had the mission to evaluate the proposals received and the process ended up with the selection of the 4 most innovative proposals:

  • EMMA (Greece) – Emergency Clinical Support: EMMA minimizes physicians burnout on Emergency Departments by providing optimized patients’ triage and monitor.
  • FHIR-DIET (Italy) – FHIR De-Identification and Pseudonymization Tool: De-Identification and Pseudonymization of FHIR data made easy
  • SEGTNAN (Denmark) – Secure Establishment of Group Testing Network Across Nations:  An Open-Source Java-based Federated Database System on a FHIR Server to Securely Connect Healthcare Centers across Europe.
  • SmartMap SNOMED (Germany) – HosmartAI smart data mapper – semi-automated mapping utility for SNOMED CT: AI powered application, that automates the time consuming and error prone process of data mapping

The HosmartAI journey

HosmartAI will empower the four selected startups/SMEs to develop high value and impactful technology, employing the HosmartAI ecosystem and technologies. Through a 6-month programme, experts in diverse fields will provide the Open Call winners technical support, access to HosmartAI architecture, up to €50k equity-free funding, visibility and the opportunity to work with innovative European healthcare stakeholders.

The INNOVATE programme will comprise 3-sprints, each sprint with a two-months period duration: Design (sprint 1), Development (sprint 2) and Integration (sprint 3) of the AI technology within the HosmartAI ecosystem.

Follow their journey through HosmartAI

Take a look at the HosmartAI Open Call winners’ portfolio ( to see more information about the selected projects.

To read more about HosmartAI please visit the website:

What is HosmartAI?

HosmartAI – “Hospital Smart development based on AI”, is a EU-funded project, that aims to promote an effective and efficient healthcare system transformation, by the use of AI technological developments and robotics. In order to achieve this transformation, HosmartAI will create a common open integration platform with the necessary tools to facilitate and measure the benefits of integrating digital technologies (robotics and AI) for healthcare professionals, patients, information system managers and health organisation administrations.

HosmartAI project is operated by 24 leader entities in fields of research, healthcare, innovation and business, from 12 European countries: Universities and Research Centres (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, ETH Zürich, Univerza v Mariboru, ITCL Centro Tecnológico), SMEs (Green Communications, Telematic Medical Applications, ECLEXYS, F6S, PharmEcons, Tera  Globus, Ninety-One, EIT Health Germany), Associations (European Hospital and Healthcare Federation, European Federation for Medical Informatics), Hospitals and Healthcare Centres (UKC Maribor, San Camillo IRCCS SRL, Hospital Universitario La Paz, CHU de Liège, Panepistimiako Geniko Nosokomeio Thessalonikis AXEPA, Fundación INTRAS) and Large Enterprises (INTRASOFT International, PHILIPS, VIMAR energia positiva).