The project

Project acronymSmartMap SNOMED
Public project titleHosmartAI smart data mapper – semi-automated mapping utility for SNOMED CT
Project descriptionAI powered application, that automates the time consuming and error prone process of data mapping
Project descriptionMedicalvalues focuses on improving patient care and diagnostics efficiency and accuracy through AI based application, to provide diagnostic support to physicians. The importance of data in standardized form has become evident to us, as the results of AI based application greatly correlate with the quality and size of the available datasets.   The increasing shortage of specialists is leading to overloaded physicians and general practitioners and medical staff. This results in over-, under-, or incorrect treatment or wrong diagnoses. Manual documentation and initiation of processes is error-prone and quite time consuming for the staff. Therefore, we create an AI-based application solution for medical diagnostic decision support. Working on integrative diagnostics for hospitals and large laboratories is our focus. Physicians may use our diagnostic support for early detection of illnesses. This AI solution is based on medical knowledge in form of knowledge graphs via. white box AI validated by external and internal physicians. The AI solution takes symptoms, pre-diseases, laboratory results and imaging results into account to give a proposal to the physician – the diagnostic decision support. The importance of automated mapping is now evident, as we see an increasing interest in Germany regarding mapping, also triggered by Covid LOINC Mapping. Here, our existing mapper with LOINC shows promising results. The extension to map data according to SNOMED CT standard is the next step. Our mapping will be provided using the FHIR standard.

Information about team members

Alexis Kobrinski
Machine learning & data handling Expertise
Maximilian Kucher
Machine learning & Advanced mathematics
Maren Klimm
UI/UX, Design Thinking, User experience medical products
Carmen Diker
Medical process management, Data flows in healthcare



NameMedicalvalues GmbH
DescriptionArtificial Intelligence for medical diagnostics