In July, HosmartAI has officially delivered the first version of its business plan which represents an intermediate step of a long journey that will lead to the commercial exploitation of project’s results and the definition of 10 business plans which will be delivered at the end of the project.

Which markets will be considered in our Business Plans?

The range of pilots and application fields foreseen by HosmartAI is quite wide. Therefore Vimar, acting as the innovation manager of the project, together with SmartSol, identified and explored the state of the art of 10 areas, namely: computer-aided detection/diagnosis, healthcare smart supply chain, rehabilitation technology, tech-enabled operating rooms, silver economy, the wider Smart Hospital market, the AI healthcare market, the healthcare assistive robot market, the surgical robots market, digital platform markets. This analysis has been shared with the whole consortium and will help to connect the business potential of the identified business cases with real market figures and trends.

Lean and Full Business Canvas Model

To prepare the group to dive into the several chapters of a business plan, the innovation management team prepared guidelines to help partners to cope with the most relevant challenges that business plans have to face: these challenges will act as “alerts” when the consortium will analyse the business potential of the platform and the pilots. The Lean Business Canvas Model methodology will guide all partners during the next 6 months in the identification of the business models and in the business planning phase.

Ready, Go!

HosmartAI’s initial business assumptions were already described by the time of project drafting. By July 2022, they have all been reviewed thanks to the first lessons learnt in the first 18 months of project cooperation. Furthermore, a roadmap has been prepared, which will lead to the 10 detailed business plans, and the business potential of the platform and of each digital innovation that will be implemented by each HosmartAI’s pilot has been analyzed. Even though the market figures and the analytical process are still in their early stages, the business potential of all identified assets is clear and has been demonstrated during one live session in Athens in July. The next 18 months will be an exciting period of testing, validating and promoting market relevant innovations in the field of smart hospitals all around Europe.