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Regarding legislation, a survey has been designed and implemented for the pilots on the national and regional legal framework specifically applicable in each pilot, taking into account aspects of data protection in the primary and secondary use of data, data governance, cybersecurity, and AI application.

In parallel, EFMI is adapting the Research Data Alliance FAIR Data maturity model ( for pilots data as a contribution of task 6.3 to the Data Management Plan.

In the scope of the analysis of the legal framework applicable to HosmartAI pilots, as a preliminary result, the local and regional laws of 5 of the pilots have been identified.

All legal references provided are national, except two regional ones. Regarding the Development of the RDA FAIR Data Maturity Model Implementation Guide for the HosmartAI data pilots, the 41 indicators of the canonical RDA model have been reviewed, and those that are met with the use of the multilingual HeTOP terminology server ( and the MIMO ontology provided by EFMI to the project have been identified (