All-in for health transformation

The cycles of this collaborative creation on innovation has finished its major activities with great success, counting with the feedback and ideas from 305 stakeholders. These citizens had different roles, providing a variety of perceptions and experiences: patients, caregivers, clinicians, healthcare services managers and other healthcare professionals, students, academic professors, researchers and IT personnel.

HosmartAI team started including stakeholders in this process since the project’s start and the results and follow-up work continues paving the way to the end of the project exploiting the citizens needs and inputs.

The user engagement journey began with the dissemination of the project and its major components (platform and pilots). Above all, these co-creation moments contributed to discuss the real-world challenges that the healthcare system faces, ensuring a citizen centred and effective approach. The meetings held supported the definition and refinement of user requirements that established preliminary blueprints for the project’s works. The work followed within the cycles of co-creation (sprints 2, 3 and 4), refining and prioritizing needs, integrating the results in a comprehensive set of user requirements for the HosmartAI solutions.

The co-creation activities were defined and reported in three deliverables. The last one, deliverable 1.4 “Stakeholders’ Requirements and Analysis Report – Final version”, provided a detailed account of the evolutionary journey of the HosmartAI project, marking the culmination of four strategic sprints, drawing together the collective knowledge, experiences, and refinements made throughout these stages. This final report represents the sum of the experiences, challenges, and innovations that have unfolded along the way.

The lessons learned underscore the potential of a user-centric, agile, and participatory approach in effectively managing complex, multi-site, and multi-solution development efforts. The result is the delivery of robust and impactful solutions that holistically address the needs of various stakeholders.