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Fundación INTRAS

HosmartAI is born! On the last 9 and 10th of February, the kick-off meeting of the new project HosmartAI – “Hospital Smart development based on AI” – under European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Grant Agreement No 101016834) took place.    This meeting was held online, bringing 24 partners of 12 different countries together.

HosmartAI proposes to boost a strong, efficient, sustainable and resilient European healthcare system. This complex objective is expected to be accomplished through the establishment and deployment of existing digital and robotic technologies in new healthcare environments and the possibility to analyse their benefits by providing an environment in which providers of digital healthcare and care tools will be able to design and develop AI solutions, as well as a space for the establishment and deployment of these solutions.

HosmartAI will continuously involve users and other stakeholders within a co-creation methodology to have continuous feedback, to make the best solution for the European health system challenges available.