University Medical Centre Maribor is a public healthcare institution, founded in 1799, providing secondary and tertiary healthcare service in north-eastern Slovenia. The founder of the University Medical Centre Maribor is Republic of Slovenia. The hospital employs more then 3600 staff members. Annually, about 60,000 patients are treated as inpatients and almost 400,000 as outpatients in different sub-speciality units. UKC Maribor is a holder of ISO 9001 quality certificate.

It serves as a teaching and training facility for the Medical Faculty and Faculty of Health Sciences of University of Maribor, and as a postgraduate teaching and training facility for trainees in all medical subspecialties. Its Medical Emergency Unit is a professionally and organizationally homogeneous unit providing non-stop 24-hour medical care to ill and injured people.

In the HosmartAI project University Medical Centre Maribor presents Hospitals and Healthcare Centre and is a WP 5 – Large-scale Pilot Demonstration and Evaluation leader and Pilot 5#: Assistive Care in Hospital: Robotic Nurse.