Business objectives that focus on the pre-commercial evaluation of the solutions and validation of the business assumptions, the scalability potential of the ecosystem, the spread of excellence gained and market entrance:

  • Prove the applicability, effectiveness and value of the HosmartAI Platform, AI-based solutions and robotics in healthcare, real-life trustworthy services, applications and standards demonstrating and stress-testing the HosmartAI artefacts, methodologies and services under pragmatic conditions against a predefined set of large-scale pilots.
  • Ensure wide communication and scientific dissemination of the innovative HosmartAI results to the research and academic communities, to promote clustering activities amongst the industrial communities and all stakeholders involved in the health and care domains (with emphasis on the AI and robotics), to contribute to relevant standardization bodies, to collaborate and align with the EU Digital Innovation Hub networks and platforms.
  • To accelerate the pace of digitization, AI adoption and the innovation potential in the European health and care sector, through the efficient exploitation and business planning of the HosmartAI concepts and tools.
  • Build an innovative, sustainable and value creation ecosystem for SMEs and entrepreneurs in the health and care domains through easy, streamlined and incentivised participation mechanisms.