SERMAS constitutes the Public Health System for the Madrid Autonomous Region, Spain. Along with its clinical facilities, like La Paz University Hospital–HULP, also holds several research institutes such as the Hospital La Paz Institute for Health Research–IdiPAZ.

HULP is the flagship hospital in Madrid, serving an area in excess of on people. As the first modern-concept hospital built in Spain, it has kept its prestige over the years. The hospital hosts a wide range of outstanding specialists in every clinical area. It is noteworthy for its position as main reference for infectious threats, but its cardiology department has consistently scored as the best in the country.

IdiPAZ harbours 55 research groups distributed in six main research areas, as well as core platforms aimed to ensure the synergies with the hospital, keeping our research over the state-of-the-art.

Besides contributing to the most work packages to ensure that the innovations generated are in line with clinical needs, SERMAS will contribute to the onset of the Pilot 4 implementation. Taking advantage of an extended anonymised dataset, SERMAS team will cooperate with ETHZ’s and Ninety-one’s engineers in the modelisation of new magnetic navigation solutions for improved arrhythmia ablation.