The Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y Leon, better known as ITCL Technology Centre, is a private non-profit foundation with a multi-sector approach and international scope of action, although paying special attention to its closest business environment.

ITCL offers advanced technological services and cooperate with multiple companies in the design and execution of applied research processes, technological development and innovation projects, both technically and economically viable.

ITCL’s goal is boosting and making easier the use of technology as a competitive tool for the business fabric, positioning itself as a reference centre in technologies applied to production and intelligent solutions field. The research groups develop and work on several tools in the electronical design, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, virtual reality and simulation, energy efficiency and monitoring and control systems fields.

ITCL is the Scientific-Technical Manager of the HosmartAI project and will collaborate leading several technological task that group technologies within the project.

ITCL will also participate in several Pilots providing and testing its technologies such as intelligent logistic algorithms, action recognition algorithms and some of its developments for assistive care.