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Pharmecons Easy Access

The economic evaluation of AI technologies is a challenging case for multiple reasons, mainly due to study design, non-randomization, confounding factors, length of follow up and selection of endpoints. HosmartAI combines in one platform an agglomeration of AI technologies, disease areas and healthcare settings.

A challenge in the identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for HosmartAI technologies was in part due to the diversity of technologies involved, requiring a variety of instruments for one or more KPIs for each specific technology. Hence, the first step was to identify the most important (KPIs) and then identify the proper economic evaluation methodology applicable to the technologies in scope. Pharmecons Easy Access in collaboration with a consortium of 24 partners, running 8 pilots, achieved to identify the applicable KPI pillars followed by a set of specific metrics.  The KPIs pillars are:

  1. Clinical Efficacy/Effectiveness 
  2. Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) 
  3. Patient/User Reported Experiences Measures (PREMs) 
  4. Productivity (hospital/healthcare setting)    
  5. Economic  

The economic analysis to be performed by all the pilots, based on the technology-specific endpoints, will demonstrate whether the new technology is as effective as well as cost-effective compared to the current state/technology.

AI technologies are here to stay and need to prove their value for money for patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare budgets. HosmartAI will take this challenge and perform economic evaluation of divergent technologies.