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ITCL Technology Centre

HosmartAI includes methods and tools based on pre-existing know-how and background; this know-how and background mainly come from the different partners, but open-source tools and recent health-related projects could be also usable. The aims of the Domain Landscape are, firstly, to document the needs from each of the different pilots and, secondly, to update the contributions from each of the partners, remarking which needs from the pilots are actually covered. These two outcomes made clear those specific requirements for which the consortium has no solution yet.

During the first four months of HosmartAI, all partners discussed the two items, first by pilot -to extract their needs- and then by tasks -so the teams of partners presented their contributions and examined which requirements were already achieved. It is worth mentioning that terms from the SNOMED CT Standard Taxonomy were employed to give a clear context and meaning to each of the extracted requirements.

In conclusion, this document represents a starting point that allowed to pay attention to the risks of the project while designing the abstract architecture and the quality indexes. And more importantly, it fostered a very successful collaboration among partners.