The European Federation for Medical Informatics Association, EFMI is a Federation of National Associations in Medical and Health Informatics in the European Region as defined by WHO. It has 30 national associations, 15 working groups covering Biomedical Informatics topics, and institutional members from academia and corporate organizations. The objectives of EFMI are to advance international co-operation and dissemination of information in Digital Health, promote high standards in the application of medical informatics research and in medical informatics education. EFMI contributes in HosmartAI for Dissemination and communication activities, to inform target groups about the project and engage the audience with the project’s outputs and results, in developing training modules based on the requirements and needs of the healthcare professionals regarding the employment of the new tools and methods delivered in the project, followed by Accreditation and Certification activities. EFMI will expand the EFMI Medical Informatics multilingual thesaurus to support the overall communication efficiently and effectively between different actors of the project.