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Intrasoft International

HosmartAI held online its 2nd plenary meeting on 29-30 June with the participation of 59 people from our 24 partners. All aspects of the project were discussed but particular emphasis was given to:

  • Determining the sprint process to be followed throughout the project for in the context of our living labs approach. This needed the collaboration of all our Work Packages as they are all one way or another involved in this plan-design-develop-test-assess-review iterative process. We are happy that consensus was reached. Look for our upcoming D1.2 deliverable where it will be reported.
  • Kicking the pilots Work Package. All our pilots are now working on detailing their ambitious plans and preparing their clinical protocols, in order to get early approvals from ethical committees and other authorities.

During the meeting, we also confirmed that we have well in place a number of critical project elements: a domain analysis on its needs and challenges; dissemination and communication plans and presence; data management plan; innovation and IPR management plan; project collaborations tools and methods. Our ongoing work on the technical pillars and our social, ethics and legal framework was presented and is well on track.

The work has continued after the plenary meeting and we expect in the next couple of months to:

  • Conclude the specification of our social, ethics and legal framework.
  • Compile the first version of our user requirements, technical requirements and overall architecture.
  • Report on the design of our technical pillars.
  • Kick-off all the remaining technical tasks, which will work on their specific challenges driven by the inputs received above.